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Curriculum Overview

Our timetable is structured to allow certain lessons to be taught as individual subjects. These include, English; Mathematics; Science; PE; RE; PSHE; Music; French and Computer Science. Our other subjects are taught through a thematic approach. The chart below outlines the main themes taught by each year group over a two-year period. Our theme lessons will incorporate knowledge and skills across History; Geography; Art & Design and Design & Technology.

Theddlethorpe Academy: Curriculum Overview – CYCLE 1 2020-2021

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Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Sumer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Foundation Stage 1 Amazing Me!
(Me and my body)
Let's Celebrate!
(Food and Festivals)
Up in the Air
(Weather/flying machines)
The Wheels on the Bus
(Transport and journeys)
Up the Beanstalk
(Plants and growing)
Carnival of the Animals
(Animals and their homes)
Foundation Stage 2 Happy Families Celebrating Around the World Once Upon a Time Everyday Heroes Nature Detectives Splish, Splash, Splosh!
Year 1 & 2 – Cycle 1 Great and Ghastly Events Extreme Weather Monster Megastructures and Marvellous Mechanisms
Year 3 & 4 – Cycle 1 Transport and Trade Eurovision Fizz, Pop, Bang!
Year 5 & 6 – Cycle 1 Rich and Poor Land of the Free Shake Things Up!

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