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Year 5 & 6

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Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Sumer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Rich and Poor Land of the Free Shake Things Up!
Key Themes
Study differences in the lives of rich and poor throughout British history and in some ancient civilisations.
Study the continent of North America
Compare and contrast North America with the United Kingdom
Learn about structures
Explore how to strengthen and stabilise our structures
History We will compare and contrast the lives of some of today’s richest and poorest people, looking at housing, food, ways of making a living, clothes, jewellery and entertainment. We will then discover that throughout British and ancient world history there is evidence of differences in the lifestyles of rich and poor. We will find out about how society began to develop into groups of people with their different skill levels, leading to differences in status. We will discover how the types of food, clothes, housing, jewellery, burial, transport and entertainment differed as a result of status.
We will find out about the social structures of emperor, senator, citizens and slaves that develop during Roman times and continued in Anglo-Saxon times. We will look at some of the differences in rich and poor in Britain since CE1066. We will also discover how some reforms helped the lives of everyone, including the Children’s Act and formation of the NHS.
Geography We will use our prior knowledge of maps and atlases and countries and capitals of Europe that we can locate. We will develop our knowledge of countries and cities across the world We will find out about some of the countries, capitals, landmarks and wildlife in the continent of North America. We will start by looking at maps of North America so we can see where it is and names it’s countries.
We will then focus on the USA, looking at some of the physical features. We will compare and contrast some of these features with those we have previously studied in the UK.
We will study some of the diverse cultures across the USA, including the study of some Native American people. We will find out about some national festivals such as Thanksgiving and 4 July. We will explore the origins of the national flag and look at past historical figures. We will compare and contrast some of these features, events and people with those in the UK.
Design Technology We will find out how one of the biggest challenges in earthquake zones such as California in the USA, is to create buildings that can withstand the shake of an earthquake. We will research shear forces and ways engineers design earthquake proof buildings. Our Shake Things Up Challenge will be to build a shake platform to test our prototypes and modify them until they keep the occupants of our building safe. We will also explore different ways to create buildings from blocks and shapes. To do this we will create our own ‘Angry Birds’ structures out of real materials to see how we can withstand the birds crashing into them. We will discover how arches are very strong shapes and we will see how architecture throughout the ages has used the arch to create stable structures and openings. We will take the Sugar Cube Arch challenge and build our own arches out of sugar cubes. We will explore how to stiffen and strengthen materials and take part in the Paper Chair Challenge, where we will need to make a chair that will hold our own weight out of paper. We will also take part in the Tin Foil Tower challenge and the Great Bridge Challenge where we will need to use all of our knowledge of structures.
Art We will draw and paint images of jewellery, buildings and people throughout history as well as looking at the work of famous artists throughout history. We will draw and paint images of the landscapes and cities we study.
We will create Dream Catchers, inspired by our studies of the Native American Chippewa and we will produce other pieces taking inspiration from some of America’s great artists.
We will create drawings, paintings, collage and textiles to represent the destruction left by the earthquakes. We will look at the work of artists such as Jave Yoshimoto who creates brightly coloured gouache paintings that show the destruction caused by an earthquake in Japan
Music Livin’ on a prayer Classroom Jazz Make you feel my love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Dancing in the Street Reflect, Rewind, Replay
Science Understand animals and humans
Investigating Living Things
Properties and Changes of Materials Forces
Earth in Space
Computer Science Online Safety Micro:bit Search Engines Sonic Pi Mars Rover 1 Mars Rover 2
RE Christianity:
Community, worship and celebration
Hinduism:Community, worship and celebration Islam:
Community, worship and celebration
Christianity. Hinduism, Islam and Judaism: Expressing Beliefs through the arts.
PSHE Our Community How to be a good friend How do we stay safe and healthy? How do we stay safe and healthy? The Big Wide World Changes
Indoor Athletics
Cross Country
OAA/Team Work
FRENCH Unit 6 - As-Tu Un Animal? (Do You Have A Pet?)
Unit 8 - Quelle Est La Date Aujourd'hui? (What Is The Date?) Unit 9 - Quel Temps Fait-Il? (The Weather)
Unit 10 - Les Vêtements (Clothes)
Unit 12 - Les Romains (The Romans)
Unit 11 - Les Jeux Olympiques (The Olympics)

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