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Year 1 & 2

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Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Sumer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Great and Ghastly Events Extreme Weather Megastructures
Key Themes Study significant events in Britain’s past.
Study significant events around the rest of the world.
Countries and capitals of the UK
Physical and human features of the UK
Study of the local area
Compare and contrast with non-European country (America)
Learn about structures and discover how to make them stronger, stiffer and more stable.
Learn about mechanisms and explore levers, sliders, wheels and axles.
History Children to gain a greater understanding of people and events from the past and how they have affected their lives today. Children will start looking at some of the big events they have seen in their lifetimes such as starting school and the birth of a new brother or sister. They will then learn about some of the big events in British and World history. To do this they will explore a range of sources of information.
Geography The children will watch videos and read about cyclones, tornadoes, snow storms, hot deserts, floods and other incredible weather features. From this they will name continents and oceans and investigate the weather and climate in tropical, temperate and cold places. The children will find out about the equator and the tropics, the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. They will track the weather in some of their favourite places in the world and keep a chart of the weather at school and use to make comparisons. They will learn about the main cloud types and keep an eye on the weather forecasts t see how it is affected by the different cloud types.
Design Technology Design make and evaluate products
Build structures and use mechanisms
Investigate our homes, the school and other places to see if we can come up with ideas and make our own inventions that others might find useful.
During this theme the children will be set challenges. Challenge 1 – to post a Pringle crisp to school so that it arrives in one piece with no crumbs. Challenge 2 – to design something that they can use to lift their teacher! Through these challenges the children will investigate materials, structures and mechanisms and work as a team to produce the best outcome.
Art Children to develop their awareness of the arts and its importance in terms of culture and well-being. Children to draw and paint images of the events with a focus on technique and quality. Also look at the work of other artists who have captured these events in their work. The children will use collage to create cloud formations. They will also draw and paint storms and wreckage, linked to artists who have used this in their work. They will also use digital media to collect and change pictures of our local weather. Children will continue to develop techniques in drawing, painting and lean how to use digital media to collect images and present them to create photo stories of their designs
Music Hands, Feet, Heart
Ho Ho Ho
Wanna Play in a Band Zootime
Friendship Song
Reflect, Rewind and Replay
Science Understand Plants
Investigate Living Things
Understand the Earth’s Movement in Space Investigating Materials
Computer Science What is a Computer?
Word Processing
Programming: Scratch Jr
Algorithms and Debugging International Space Station Stop Motion
RE What do Christians do to express their beliefs? What do Muslims do to express their beliefs? What do Christians do to celebrate birth? What do Muslims do to celebrate birth? Christianity: Places of Worship Judaism: Places of Worship
PSHE Our Community How to be a good friend How do we stay safe and healthy? How do we stay safe and healthy? The big, wide world Changes
Games/ Bask
Foot/Cross Country
Games/Rug –
Games /
Striking & fielding Rounders
Striking & fielding Rounders

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